Paintings and Drawings

Are there professional training courses for artists and painters?

Professional art training is an opportunity that will make you an artist painter. This training includes many precise and detailed subjects. You can improve your natural skills and master certain techniques. These training courses can be addressed to the amateur…

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Getting started with painting: what equipment for beginners?

As a major art, painting is a skill that requires patience and determination. On the other hand, this third art requires basic equipment to complete its apprenticeship. To begin painting, it is essential to know the type of painting you…

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Can you create a comic book without knowing how to draw?

For the creation of a comic book, it is obvious that you will have to draw. Nowadays, thanks to tools, the fact that you are not good at drawing is no longer a hindrance to your creative project. If you…

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How to find a good drawing tutor/teacher

The art of painting is an excellent choice for you to express your feelings about the world. However, creating a work of art while learning a painting course can help you gain important skills that you can apply to all…

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