Can you create a comic book without knowing how to draw?

Published on : 01 February 20213 min reading time

For the creation of a comic book, it is obvious that you will have to draw. Nowadays, thanks to tools, the fact that you are not good at drawing is no longer a hindrance to your creative project. If you have precise ideas, you can get started. In this dossier, we’re going to give you a few tips to make your project a reality.

Using Daz Studio

It is free software that you can download from the DAZ Production website. If you are not fluent in English, it will take some time to familiarise yourself with this program, as it is only available in English. This image editing software manages layers. With Daz Studio, you won’t be able to stitch all the images together. Here, you will only work on the scenes and it is with the “cartoon” rendering option that you will have illustrations like those found in comic books. You will then have to switch to another tool to assemble the thumbnails and put the bubbles for the texts.

Go to sites that help you create comic strips.

If the tools offered by DAZ Studio seem too basic or do not offer the rendering you are looking for, you can switch to sites that allow you to create a comic strip. The Caricatool platform, for example, can help you create beautiful cartoons in just a few clicks. If your work is more aimed at a children’s audience, you can go on Radio-Canada. On this platform, the text bubbles are already in place, which will make the creation process easier. If you want the characters in your comic book to be more alive and distinctive, Gnomz can meet your requirements. On this site, every detail has been thought out: eyes, nose, mouth, body, clothes…

Succeeding with your comic book

Even if you have a clear idea of the story you are going to tell, you will need to refocus a little so you don’t get lost in the heat of the moment. Before you get down to designing the illustrations, clearly define the characters and give each one a personality. It’s also important to be precise in the tone you’re going to use in the comic book. You should not go from a formal to a humorous tone. Your reader may leave the reading before the end of the story. As this is your first comic book, you should not start a big project. Limit yourself to a comic-strip of just a few boxes.

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