A painting is a work of art that cannot be assimilated into an ordinary good. Its production requires time, inspiration, labor as well as raw materials. However, the fruit of the effort invested by the artist is not always compensated by the final value of the product or the art value. Moreover, the estimation of a painting remains a rather complex detail since it is necessary to take into consideration both the material and immaterial aspects of art.

Public satisfaction: a starting point for estimating the price of a painting

Being a set of expressions of a painter's feelings, a painting reflects the perception of his living environment and his vision of things. The latter will try to convey a message to humanity through his work of art. The price will then be determined according to the emotion and satisfaction of the public. Some good questions are essential after having finalized a painting to better define its value. Does the product reflect social norms and culture? Is an original and modern product part of a recognized artistic movement? But for more professional expertise in painting, the best would be to obtain a fair valuation of your painting

Estimate the price of the notoriety of the painter

If you are in the buyer's shoes, be aware that the price of a work of art is estimated according to several parameters. It starts with the popularity of the artist, the number of works written about him, and the quality of the paintings he has created, not to mention his frequency of public appearances. A painting valuation will depend as much on the celebrity of the salons and art galleries in which the painter has participated. And if some exhibitions are purely dedicated to him; the price of his works of art will surely be quite high.

Estimate the value of the product according to the cost price

It is equally important to consider the economic factor. The art value depends on the quality of the main materials used as well as the ancillary materials. The nature and size of the canvas are essential details to estimate its cost price. Nevertheless, there is no method to make a precise calculation of the value of a painting. The popularity of the painter and the anticipation of the rating that the painting will produce on the public will allow getting as close as possible to its fair value.