If you have precious jewelry in your home, you can have it appraised to sell it or simply to know the value of your goods on the market. Also, if you want to insure or share your jewelry, you must first have it appraised by a professional in the field. You must go to a jewelry specialist such as a free jewelry appraisal for example to have your jewelry appraised.

Why appraise the value of a jewel?

To know exactly the value of your precious jewelry is to have it appraised by experts in the field. A jewelry specialist or a jeweler will carry out the valuation of your goods. Concerning old jewels, you can also call upon auctioneers.

Characteristics such as the size, the nature of the metals used, the weight and the quality of the jewel will be taken into account during the analysis of the latter. For online expertise, you will need to attach a photo of the object, and you will also need to mention its characteristics.

Having a jewel appraised is necessary when you want to sell it, bequeath it or have it insured. You will thus be able to obtain the real value of the jewel. To have your favorite piece of jewel appraised according to the rules, we recommend you visit Mr-Expert which is a platform that offers free jewelry appraisal online.

Where to have your precious jewelry appraised?

To know the value of your precious jewels, you have several possibilities. Among them, there is the online appraisal. This solution offers you many advantages, starting with the fact that you avoid traveling. On the other hand, you can also go to an auction house to have your valuable jewelry appraised. The appraisal will be in the hands of a professional in the field who has the necessary knowledge and sharp eyes to figure out the value of the jewelry. You also have the possibility of going to the municipal credit or public auction to estimate and sell your jewelry quickly.

How much is the rate of evaluation of jewels?

About the rate, professionals in the field of jewelry are obliged to post their rate for the evaluation of jewelry. You can then freely choose the professional to opt for by comparing the different prices proposed. Choose one that has certain notoriety in the field of art and jewelry appraisal. It should also be noted that, depending on the applicable law, when you sell a jewel whose value is below a certain price, you do not pay any tax.