To know the value of a piece of art to resell it, insuring it or including it in a will, it is essential to carry out an appraisal. This process is generally carried out by an expert who verifies the authenticity and characteristics of the work to estimate its value. To avoid the fees of an art specialist, it is possible to carry out an online estimate. How to proceed?

The advantages of an online estimate

One of the greatest advantages of having an object of value appraised online is certainly the free service. Indeed, the expertise does not commit you to anything more, your anonymity is preserved which avoids prying eyes. Moreover, you will not have to move or transport the work since this first online appraisal can be done via photos. The ideal would be to use independent networks, as they often include several specialists: auctioneers, tax lawyers, art experts, etc. Also, they collaborate with connoisseurs in different fields: jewelry, canvas, photography, sculpture, etc. Thus, you can be sure to benefit from expertise carried out in a precise and objective manner. Some of these online service providers, such as antique valuation website, can even offer you a buy-back or support for the sale. For a free appraisal, go to

How does the online expertise take place?

Whether it is on a dedicated website or a specialized platform, such as an antique valuation website, the online valuation of a valuable object is generally simple and fast. First of all, you will have to find a reliable valuation site based on the recommendations of your relatives or internet users. If the service is often without commitment, some platforms may however require a membership or registration. It is up to you to determine whether or not the conditions are suitable for you. Once on the site, you will have to fill in the dedicated form. Remember to write a description of the work with as many details as possible. These will certainly improve the estimate. Also, you will need to scan photos of the object since they will also be necessary. The answer will then be sent by email in a rather short time; between 48 hours to a week depending on the platform.

Find an auctioneer for a thorough appraisal

If the online valuation on the antique valuation website has revealed a rather interesting price range, you can request an auctioneer. As the results of the study will be authentic, the intervention of the latter implies a cost of several hundred euros. If the object is too heavy or complicated to transport, the professional can come to your home for a few hundred euros more. On the other hand, the service can be free of charge if you entrust the resale of the work to the house or the office of the expert engaged. In this case, he will take care of the auctions to sell the property. If you proceed with an estimate for a notarized inventory (in the context of succession for example), the rates are higher since you will have to provide for the notary's fees.