Art appraisal

Art Appraisal

The Importance of Art Appraisal in Today’s Market

The world of art is constantly evolving, and so is its market. With the rise of technology and the globalization of the art market, it has become increasingly important to ensure that art is accurately valued. This is where art…

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Estimating a the value of an item online: how does it work?

To know the value of a piece of art to resell it, insuring it or including it in a will, it is essential to carry out an appraisal. This process is generally carried out by an expert who verifies the…

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What is a precious vase exactly?

The human being has distinguished himself from living beings since the day he learned to use the tools around him to make his life easier. He has then traveled thousands of years creating many objects that will be useful to…

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How to estimate the value of a painting?

A painting is a work of art that cannot be assimilated into an ordinary good. Its production requires time, inspiration, labor as well as raw materials. However, the fruit of the effort invested by the artist is not always compensated…

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How to have an antique object appraised online?

When appraising antiques or collectibles, there are many factors to consider. Sometimes it is simply a matter of knowing the value of an item before trying to sell it, or of knowing its value, as in the case of heirlooms….

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How do you get your precious jewel appraised?

If you have precious jewelry in your home, you can have it appraised to sell it or simply to know the value of your goods on the market. Also, if you want to insure or share your jewelry, you must…

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