Thanks to the internet, discovering the world is at your fingertips. In the artistic field, it is easier to contemplate and admire the works of artists from all over the world. You will have at your disposal many catalogs and images that will make you want to acquire these nuggets of art. But beware of the traps! Here are a few tips to thwart the malice that is infiltrating the web that is the internet.

Buying works of art online: Authentic or scam?

It is important to make sure that the artwork purchased is authentic. How can you do this if you are not an art expert? When you want to buy a work of art online, make sure you obtain a certificate of authenticity. This will have to certify that the work is unique and include details of the purchase in question. You also have the right to ask to see a font book. What is it? It is a book recounting the various journeys of the work, from its creation to its acquisition by the seller.

Avoid the traps!

It is, of course, difficult to evaluate a work of art on the Internet, as you only have digital images in your possession. It is therefore important to check the reputation of the seller's site. Is it recommended? Is it professional? Ask yourself the right questions to avoid falling into the clutches of a fraudster. Mass-produced paintings can also be cheap. Ask for an expert's opinion on the price of an artwork to be sure you're getting it at its fair value.

How to choose the right site?

A good site is first and foremost a professional site. Indeed, websites take care of a lot of important formalities before putting a work of art up for sale. An art expert will have to check the authenticity of the work, its provenance, and all the details of the work. Generally, reliable websites reassure customers by having proof of authenticity and details about the works and works of art for sale on their website.