As a major art, painting is a skill that requires patience and determination. On the other hand, this third art requires basic equipment to complete its apprenticeship. To begin painting, it is essential to know the type of painting you wish to do. It is a question of choice and can determine the material needed in painting. The fact that you have previously attended an art class in primary school already gives you some knowledge in this field. But to help you choose the right material to start painting, here are a few ideas that may help you in your choice.

With which material should I paint?

To start painting, there is no need to buy expensive equipment. An HB pencil and a blood oil pencil are already instruments that can be used to create art. It is just as important to have an eraser to ensure a perfect drawing. Concerning the support, it depends on the kind of painting you want to make. To apply the colors, the brush proves to be a flagship accessory in painting. The yogurt pots and the apron become the necessary material to start the work.

Use acrylic paint for optimal results.

Acrylic paint is also a material to start painting. All you need to do is acquire the basic colors to immerse yourself in the world of painting. These colors are none other than white, black, navy blue, and a few others. Acrylic paint is made of a plastic material called resin. This material dries quickly, making it easy to use. Moreover, it can be applied to all supports (wood, metal, cardboard, plastic...). All tools can be used for acrylic paint. Indeed, brush, roller and knife can all be used to paint. Being less expensive, this paint is material accessible to all and less toxic than oil paints. Water-based, it is easy to clean.

Define your objectives before buying the essential tools

When we commit to painting, we must define what type of support and what kind of painting our inclination is focused on. The style you wish to adopt determines the material to start painting. Portrait, landscape, still life, live model, all require a specific material. Moreover, the brush is the essential material in painting, so it is essential to select the one that allows you to make a good drawing. Flat, round, natural, or synthetic hairbrush, it all depends on your choice!