Pablo Picasso’s unmistakable paintings you should recognize

Published on : 01 February 20213 min reading time

Pablo Picasso is a multi-talented artist of Hispanic origin. Painter, sculptor, draftsman, and even engraver, the artist does not hesitate to exploit his know-how. Having lived for many years in France, Pablo Picasso died at the age of 91, leaving behind him a long list of prestigious works of art. Discover one of the pioneers of cubism and surrealism through his main masterpieces.

Pablo Picasso: the artist’s beginnings

Born to a father who was a painting teacher, the young Picasso saw his passion born thanks to one of his first works “The Little Picador” created in 1889. With more than 50,000 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, engravings, poems, etc., he was the first Picasso to create a collection of his own. The painter-sculptor Pablo Picasso lived through different artistic periods. These artistic periods mark the influences of the artist for a certain period, to mention the blue period, in which the painter created canvases with bluish tones. During this period of azure colors, many paintings were created, such as “The Death of Casagemas”, “La Vida”, “La Dama en Eden Concert” or the famous “Blue Self-portrait”. Then came the pink period, which adopted pinkish tones. A period characterized by paintings in warmer tones. “The Saltimbanques”, “Harlequin” and “The Portrait of Gertrude Stein”, the latter exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, were all painted during this period.

Picasso’s main works

“Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” is undoubtedly the work of the most famous artist. It is an oil painting of naked women, done in a style specific to the artist which is cubism. “La Guernica”, always in the cubist style. This work denounces the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish War in 1937. You can find a representation of this work in the town of Guernica itself. “The Three Women”, a work by Picasso always in the nudist and cubist style. “Harlequin and Woman with a Necklace” is a canvas painted in 1917 in the synthetic cubist style. “Woman in an armchair”, “Crucifixion”, “Woman sitting in a garden”, “Boy with a pipe”, “Nude on a sculptor’s tray”, and “The Women of Algiers” are also main works by Pablo Picasso to be known. He also created well-known surrealist sculptures, such as “Fernande’s Head”, which can be seen in Paris, and “Woman’s Head”, which can be seen in Sweden.

Where can you see and appreciate the works of Picasso?

The Picasso Museum in Paris opened in 1985 in honor of Pablo Picasso, exhibits many of his works. With more than 4000 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, engravings, and illustrations by the artist, the Picasso museum also exhibits other great names sharing the same styles as Picasso, including works by Modigliani, Cocteau, and Dali. Paintings and works of art from the artist’s collection are also on display. Picasso is also present in the Estades Gallery among the great masters of art and sculpture and through the online art gallery.

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